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Airhawk Dual Sport Motorcycle Seat Cushion Air Pad - FA-DUALSPORT ADVENTURE - JT Cycle & ATV

Airhawk Dual Sport Motorcycle Seat Cushion Air Pad - FA-DUALSPORT ADVENTURE

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    • Airhawk Dual Sport Motorcycle Seat Cushion Air Pad

    • Introducing Airhawk's newest release, the Dual Sport aka the Airhawk DS.
    • The Airhawk DS is designed for the narrow front of the Dual Sport / Adventure bikes.
    • The Airhawk DS will measure 11.5" Deep and 11" Wide! 
    • All Airhawks air cells are two inches tall, but they do not add much height to the seat when properly inflated, typically about a quarter to one half inch, this is because the rider is immersed into the air cells for maximum comfort.
    • The Airhawks are inflated by the nozzle in the back which can be simply twisted to the left and air is then blown into the valve with your mouth. NO special pump is needed. Then twist the valve to the right to close the valve.
    • The cover is a breathable spacer mesh cloth material w/ red accent, non skid bottom material
    • The inner bladder is manufactured out of Polyurethane
    • All Airhawks attach to the bikes one of two ways (or both); one, the cover has a non skid bottom that will not damage the seat’s upholstery. It provides a non skid surface between the seat and the Airhawk. Two, the Airhawk covers have loops with included straps. The straps attach onto the loops then the straps are either tucked under the stock seat or attached to the stock seat (depending on your model). Removing the Airhawk from the bike is an easy process

  • Airhawk cushions have a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. Covers have a 6 month manufacturer's warranty. (Provided through and by manufacturer)