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Tru-Tension Chain Monkey Motorcycle Adjustment Tensioning Tool Adjuster - JT Cycle & ATV

Tru-Tension Chain Monkey Motorcycle Adjustment Tensioning Tool Adjuster

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Chain Monkey is the world’s first tool designed to help you set the tension on your vehicle’s drive chain. The task of tensioning a chain can be a tedious and time consuming task, especially on motorcycles. But not anymore.
By using Chain Monkey, anyone can set their chain tension quickly, easily and with minimal knowledge of mechanics. From new riders through to experienced mechanics, Chain Monkey will simplify the task, improve performance and save you money through its revolutionary, patented design.

Quick, easy and repeatable motorcycle chain tension
No more guess work, set your chain tension precisely every time

Saves you money by allowing you to complete the maintenance yourself

Designed to fit all chain driven motorcycle, suitable for any size of chain

The Chain Monkey is a tool to help set the correct motorcycle chain slack during a chain adjustment.

It’s made from plastic with an adjustable metal screw.

Follow the instructions in the kit and set the bottom of the nut to your correct optimal chain slack number.

Then tighten the rubber stopper on the bottom.